4th June 2008: Chemistry: Transition Metals has been completed! Expect lots more Lit over the coming days.

1st June 2008: Language Change is just about finished. If you feel you know something relevant that is missing, please email it!

30th May 2008: Transition Metals has been started at last!

28th May 2008: Chemistry: Trends and Patterns is complete. The final section of A2 Chemistry: Transition Metals should be started soon.

25th May 2008: ENB6: Child Language Acquisition is finished! Let me know if I've missed anything. Language Change should be started soon!

15th April 2008: Revision site-making is fully under way, so expect more content most days! Chemistry: Trends and Patterns has been started today.

27th March 2008: General de-bugging of the template has been underway... Please email if you have a problem anywhere on the site! Also, the Othello pages now have more information, and a few more Larkin poems have analysis.

25th March 2008: English Literature Larkin pages have been started. So far, find detailed analysis on two poems!

16th March 2008: How do you like the new template? Also, ENB6 has been started.

9th January 2008: ENB2 Langauge and Gender and Language and Occupation have been updated. Good luck for tomorrow's exam!

6th January 2008: Happy New Year! I've started the Literature Othello pages. Good luck in the January exams!

18th December 2007: Chains, Rings and Spectroscopy is just about complete. Have fun trying to absorb all that info!

9th October 2007: Welcome back for a second year! Level Up will be looking at A2 Chemistry, A2 Literature and A2 Language over the next few months. Keep checking back to see if the pages are made!

17th June 2007: Maths Core 4 is complete.

12th June 2007: Maths Core 3 is finished. I'll be starting Core 4 at some point after the exam on the 14th...

7th June 2007: Mechanics page is just about finished.

5th June 2007: AS Chemistry is now finished - Chains and Rings is ready for your perusal.

3rd June 2007: Statistics AS is finished. Good luck for Tuesday.

2nd June 2007: Chemistry, AS, How Far, How Fast? is now just about finished.

26th May 2007: Well, that's as much English Lit AS as you're getting. Perhaps next year, when I study Translations again, I might add some more... but until then. Hope you've all done well in your exams, and I hope the Lang and Lit pages helped. Keep checking for updates on Chem and Maths over the next few days!

6th May 2007: Happy New Year! After a long horrible process of moving Internet providers, welcome to the brandnew URL for Level Up: Please be patient while the site is fully uploaded.

17th May 2007: English Language pages are now just about finished. Email me if you notice something I've missed!

1st December 2006: Foundation Chemistry is now complete. Email me if you spot any errors, or think there's something missing!

22nd November 2006: English Lit pages are finally being made!

29th October 2006: The first half term of Chemistry revision is now complete!

27th May 2008: Chemistry: Unifying Concepts is complete.