English Literature (EdExcel)

Like at GCSE, there are an endless number of texts and poems that you could study for your English Lit course, and naturally, this site can only study so many (i.e. the texts I do). If you have any notes you'd like to contribute though, they'd be graciously accepted.

Remember the course objectives:

A01: Communicate clearly the knowledge, understanding and insight into the texts we study, using the correct literary terms and accurate written expression.

A02: Respond with knowledge and understanding to literary texts of different types and historical periods.

A03: Show detailed understanding of how the writer's choice of form, structure and language shapes meaning.

A04: Express your own opinions and judgments, which may be influenced by interpretation of other readers.

A05: Show understanding of the contexts in which drama, poetry and novels were written and understood.

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Disclaimer: Remember that anything written here - besides contextual information - is just my personal interpretation. If you have different readings, they're probably just as valid. It's good to see different interpretations of texts, however!