The Tempest

Another of Bill's plays, but quite unlike the Othello.

While Othello is a tragedy, The Tempest is a Romance. This doesn't mean that it is romantic, but rather has fantastical elements - ones that can't be taken literally. Written around 1611, it is also one of the last plays that Shakespeare wrote, and is part of the small catagory classed as the 'Final Plays'. Shakespeare has moved on from many of the earlier themes of vengeace and death, to look at reconciliation and forgiveness. Where in Othello the world moves from tranquility to chaos, The Tempest starts with chaos (a literal 'tempest') and moves to traquility.

This is part of the Compare and Contrast part of the final synoptic paper, and we'll be comparing it to Translations in terms of 'broken communication'. Both texts are closed texts, meaning you can't take them into the exam, and it's important to learn the key quotes. While you're reading it, try thinking about the similarities and differences between it and Translations.

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