Translations is a play by Brian Friel, first published in 1981 and set in Ireland, 1833. Though he didn't intended to write a political play, that's what Translations became; on the brink of the change implemented by the National School System, Translations explores the part of language in the British colanisation of Ireland.

Irish Background

1541: Henry VIII proclaimed the King of Ireland.

1704: Penal Code passed - barred Catholics frim positions of power, education or status. (This lead to a rise of Hedge schools).

1801: British passed the Act of Union - Ireland was legally a part of Britain.

1831: Institued the National School System.

1833: The play is set.

1845: Great famine (the potato blight referred to in Tranlations by the "sweet smell".

1922: Irish Free State (Republic of Ireland) came into being.

1972: 'Bloody Sunday' - 26 civilian civil rights protestors in Derry, Northen Ireland shot by British Parachute Regiment. The worst of the 'recent' troubles in Northern Ireland.

1974: Sunningdale Agreement - an attempt to end the troubles, that ultimately failed due to increasing levels of violence.

1981: Translations published.