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Welcome to the new page - For all you scholars out there!

Wanna know why it's here? Well two main reasons really. One: it'll give my site more popularity and two: It'll help anyone who's doing anything on the topics I cover at school, for you see, from now on, all my enquiries are going on-line! A third reason: if you have any info that might be valuable, I want you to send me it, that way it works both ways, see?

To the left there you'll see my enqiries so far. The Disappearing Rainforest and the First World War have been around a while, but Pablo Picasso is a recent addition. It's more of a mini-essey.

New mini essay finally added as promised! Check out the Salvador Dali page and Rene Magritte!

Also please visit my sister sites:

Revision-GCSE (natually, a revision website for GCSE) and Level Up (an A-Level revision website, if you couldn't guess!) for even more school info!

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