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Since the front page was looking rather cluttered, here are the old news items:

11th April 2005
Well, by popular demand Cardcaptors is going... Why ever you want to keep Cubix is a mystery to me... But anyway, you decided, so you get what you wanted. Here's the end of the poll:

27th March 2005
What do you think to the new logo? Send me an email telling me what you think! If you have made a better logo, I'll love to see it!

23th March 2005
I've finally got a traffic counter so I can know how much you all love me! :D Updates to Digimon coming very soon. Don't forget to vote... It looks like Cardcaptors is going at the moment... :( but you can make all the difference!

19th March 2005
Meet May on the Pokemon Character Profiles! Also check out the brand-new (and very uncompleted) Pokedex!

I'm closing the poll at the end of this month, so make sure you get your vote in!

11th March 2005

The DS is here!

Buy the DS now!

Coming soon: Nintendo Page! Which of the old pages will be deleted? Well, at the moment it looks like Cubix, but you could change all that. Don't forget to vote lower down the page!

28th February 2005
May I present the brand-new Site Map! I've also been updating a few of the pages slightly. I will complete them this year!

25th February 2005
Welcome to the new Pokemon Ultimate! Sadly, due to server errors, we can no longer be at www.eliztaylor.freeserve.co.uk but this is a whole new start! What do you think can be changed? Send me an email, or go to the forums!

4th December 2004
21 days until Christmas! I've finally found the Digi-Destineds names from Season 4! Also I've been thinking about setting up a Nintendo page, but what could be on it? Send me an e-mail, or have your say on the Forums.

27th November 2004
I've finally got the brand-new forums up and running! Talk about Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-gi-oh, Nintendo and much much more! Go there NOW!

18th September 2004
May I introduce you to the first of the Hoenn region Pokemon Gym Leaders, Roxanne! Check out Pokemon Gym Leaders for more details!

24th August 2004
Been working a little more on the Digimon site, the Digidex and the character profiles!

23rd August 2004
News Flash!!:Digimon Series 4! Yes, it's true, there's a Digimon Series 4 for all you who didn't know (like me). For more details see Digimon!

11th May 2004
News Flash!!: Do you like what you see here?? Do you have a website?? Want to link them up?? If you do, send me an e-mail with your address, and link me up to you, and in return, I'll link you to my favourite pages!

1st May 2004
I'm going round all the sites spell checking!

29th November
Welcome to the whole new Yu-gi-oh site!!!!!!!!

3rd November
Guess what! I've finally made up my mind. It's down with Spider-Man and in with... wait for it... Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm currently making the site, but keep checking back to find out when it get's on-line.

15th September
I've finally got the site published. I'll probably update it every day - keep checking!

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