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What is Digimon?

Digimon is a TV program that is about creatures, from another world,
called Digimon. (Hence the title 'Digimon.') Digimon are friendly and helpful. At the beginning of Series 1, 7 kids are swept into the Digital world and are introduced to their Digimon. These kids are called 'Digi-destineds' and they have to save the digital world from the evil which threatens to overcome it.

Earth and the digital world are connected so if something terrible happens in the digital world there will be terrible consequences on Earth. Each Digi-destined has a digimon and a Digivice.

Digimon (Series 1)

In this series of Digimon, the Digital world is introduced to 7 kids. It's up to them to save the digital world from Miortismon and his black gears. Each with Digivice and Digimon they set out. The Digi-destined have to battle many Digimon that are being controlled by black gears. When their Digimon destroy the black gears, the Digimon go back to their normal selves. They finally come to the source of the black gears - the evil Devimon. They confront him but the only way to truely destroy him is to sacrifice Angemon (T.K.'s patner). Usually when a Digimon dies its data gets re-configurated and it is re-born as the baby-stage, but if Angemon sacrificed himself it would truely be destroyed.

In the end Angemon only uses Hand of Fate and gets re-configurated and Devimon is only half destroyed and disappears.

After that they confront the evil Miotismon and the Dark Masters.

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Digimon (Series 2)

In the second series, the digi-destines are older. And new kids are there as replacements. These new Digi-destines have new Digimon and Digivices called D3’s. The D3 allow the Digi-destines to get into the Digital world through Digi-port on the computers. They have to defeat Ken, a kid who turns out to be a Digi-destined, Arukennimon and Mummymon and save the world.

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Digi-modify! (Series 3)

Forget everything you know about Digimon because this is totally different! Somehow Digimon has become a game in the real World and kids all over play it.

In this series there are 7 kids from the real World who armed with Digi-modify cards and Digivises have to stop 12 evil digimon who find their way into their world. Each of these Digimon are connected to a month.

On destroying and collecting these Digimon they have to destoy the D-reaper.


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Digimon (Series 4)

In the fourth season of digimon, there are 6 kids, and they have been summoned to the Digital world. There are no cards, and no Digimon partners either. The kids themselves actually Digivolve themselves.

Long ago, there were two types of Digimon: Beast-type and Human-type. They fought, until a Digmon named Lucemon brought peace and saved the world from chaos. However, Lucemon became a tyrant and cruelly ruled. 10 legendary warriors rose against Lucemon and eventually defeated him. The 10 legendary warriors "were put to sleep" (please tell me that's not true, that they disappeared or something) and 3 Celestial Digimon were chosen to keep the peace, called Cherubimon, Serpahimon and Ophanimon.

However, evil infected Cherubimon and he attacked the other two. He spred evil through the Digimon world and set about to control it. Serpahimon sent a message to several worlds and several children received messages on their mobile phones saying their future has been decided, and whether they want to start or not. Five children sent 'yes' in reply and eventually ended up in the Digital world.

The five must find and wake the legendary warriors, and will use their spirits to Digivolve, in order to face the evil...

There are actually 6 Digidestined: Takuya, Koji, Zoe, J.P., Tommy, and Koichi. Take a look at their profiles on the Character Profiles!

Thanks to Leappy, Letty and Melanie for this info!

Well that's all I know. If you know anything about this series, or any more on any of the others, please, e-mail me!

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