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Series 1 Characters

This is Tai. Tai is one of the origional Digidestined and he has a digivice and gets the crest of courage. Tai is the main leader of the Digidestined team and even if the others find him a little bossy and reckless his Digimon Agumon is always there to back him up.

This is Matt. Matt is one of the original Digi-destined and is patnered with Gabumon and gets the crest of Friendship. Although Matt has the Crest of Friendship he is a very lonely kid and often challenges Tai for leadership but eventually he gets on all right with the others.

This is Sora. She has the Crest of Love and is partnered with her faithful bird Digimon Biyomon. This is the girl who Tai has a big chrush on. Sora kind and friendly but she didn't really get on with her mum. Sora found out when Biomon Digivolved for the first time that her Mum was so strict on her because she loved her so much. Sora was an important member of the group.

This is Joe, the responsible member of the group. He is partnered with Gomamon and gets the Crest of Reliability.

When Joe grows-up what he would really like to be is a doctor like his older brother.

Joe is a really hard working kid and like Tye says in the movie: 'He's the only kid who wants to take summer school'. He is quite friendly and sensible and usually gets on well with everyone else.


This is Izzy. He is the computer-freak of the gang. His digimon is Tentomon and he gets the crest of Knowledge.

Izzy is really smart and his laptop which he carries around with him comes in use many times to help the gang. He is sensible but also likes to have a laugh and his Digimon Tentomon is always trying - but no doing very well - to tell jokes.


This is Mimi, what can you say about her? She's basically a very girly, girl. Obsessed with make-up, clothes and stuff like that, all Mimi ever thinks about is herself.

Funnily enough, she ends up with the crest of Sincerity, and paired up with Palmon, she makes an important member of the team. Although she cries a lot, and often wishes she was at home and none of it had ever happened, she really does care about her friends deep down, and will often at odd moments show why she really should have the crest of Sincerity.


This is TK, one of the youngest members of the group. He's Matt's younger brother and he thinks the world of Matt. Patamon is the last Digimon to Digivolve into it's champion stage, as TK loved him the way he was, and never wanted him to change.

TK has the crest of Hope. He always looks on the bright side of situations, even when it seems hopeless, and he often cheers the others up, so it's easy to say he's well suited to his crest.


This is Kari, Tai's younger sister. She is the final Digi-desined of series 1 and has the Crest of Light. She does not come into the story until quite late on, when the Dig-destined find out that there is a final Crest in the real world. They travel home through a portal and eventually discover Kari is the final digi-destined. Kari is kind and hates to see anyone hurt. She loves cats, and so gets on great with her digimon partner, Gatamon.

Series 2 Characters

This is Davis.

This is Yolie.

This is Cody.

This is Ken.




In series two, T.K. has grown up a little, but is still young enough to be a Digidestined. His affections for Kari have grown, and he is a sensible, hopeful friend. Patamon is still his Digimon partner, but now with a D3, it can armour digivolve into Pegasusmon.

Like T.K., Kari is still young enough to be a Digidestined. Of all the series 2 Digidestined, she is the most interesting as she enters the Dark World against her will. Kari is always serious and ignores Davis' affections for her. She is again teamed up with Gatomon, but now with the D3, Gatomon armour digivolves to Nefertimon.

Series 3 Characters

This is Takato.

This is Henry.



This is Rika.

This is Ryo.

This is Kazu.

This is Kenta.

This is Jeri.

Series 4 Characters

This is Takuya, the leader of the Digi-destined, and the equivalent of Tai. (He's even got the goggles!). He's energetic, confident, cheerful, and usually looks at the bright-side of things. He can appear arrogant, but he usually means well.

Takuya has the Spirit of flame and Spirit-digivolves to:

  • Agunimon
  • BurningGreymon
  • Aldamon (fusion evolution)
  • EmperorGreymon (Unify evolution: when Zoe and Tommy give both their spirits to Takuya.)
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    This is Koji. He is a loner, quiet and prefers do things himself alone. At the beginning he irritates the others with his ways, but eventually he does become a more active team member. He is logical and probably the stongest of the group.

    Koji has the Spirit of and Spirit-digivolves to:

  • Lobomon
  • KendoGarurumon
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    This is Zoe. Before she met the Digi-destined she didn't have many friends, as she isn't the kindest person, and will vent her anger on anyone. The digi-gang don't really mind her mean attitude. Eventually, during the series, she vows to be nicer, after a flash-back of friends rejecting her. She is one of a kind, and isn't afraid to be like that.

    Zoe has the Spirit of wind and Spirit-digivolves to:

  • Kazemon
  • Zephyrmon
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    This is J.P. As he's 12, he is the oldest of the gang. He has a pretty obvious crush on Zoe, although Zoe isn't keen on the idea at all. He mainly thinks about his stomach, and his endless supply of chocolate. However, despite this he is a good, loyal friend, who's magic tricks keep the group entertained.

    J.P. has the Spirit of thunder and Spirit-digivolves to:

  • Beetlemon
  • MetalKabuterimon
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    This is Tommy, the youngest of the group. All the others think of him as a little brother. He is enthusiastic like Takuya and is always ready to prove himself to the others. Tommy is very good at videogames (just like me. ;) )

    Tommy has the Spirit of ice and Spirit-digivolves to:

  • Kumamon
  • KoriKakumon
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    Koichi is Koji's twin brother, and like his brother he is wise and caring (though cuter). He does not travel with the others to the Digital World. When he arrives, Cherubimon gave him the Spirit of darkness. Corrupted by evil he Spirit-digivolves into Duskmon and Velgemon. He sets out to eliminate the Digidestined. Fortuanately the manage to clease Koichi of evil, and eventually his real Spirit-evolutions appear.

    He sacrifices himself in the battle against Lucemon, and wakes in the human world. It turns out that he only existed in the Digi-World as a spirit.

    Koichi has the Spirit of darkness and Spirit-digivolves to:

  • Duskmon or (when cleansed)Lowemon
  • Velgemon or (when cleansed) Jager Lowemon
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