Gotta Catch 'em all!

Kanto Gym Leaders:
  • Brock
  • Misty
  • Lt Surge
  • Sabrina
  • Erika
  • Koga
  • Blaine
  • Giovanni
  • The Orange Crew:

  • Sissy
  • Danny
  • Rudy
  • Luana

    Johto Gym Leaders:

  • Falkner

  • Bugsy

  • Whitney

  • Morty

  • Jasmine

  • Chuck

  • Pryce

  • Clair
  • Hoenn Gym Leaders:

  • Roxanne
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    Kanto Gym Leaders

    This is Brock. He is the Gym Leader of the Pewter City Gym. He holds the Boulder badge. But as well as being a gym leader he is also a carer of his 10 little brothers and sisters, because he has no mom and his father abandoned them.

    The first attempt Ash has to battle Brock, he starts with Pidgeotto against Geodude. Geodude wins and Ash sends out his Pikachu. Pikachu's shocking electricity (which is already more strong than normal) finishes Geodude. Brock sends out his Onix, but Pikachu is just not strong enough to break through Onix's rock hard protection. Brock wins the match 2 victories to 1.

    After the battle and Ash's Pokemon are refreshed, Ash meets a strange man who has heard about his loss and is willing to help. He takes Ash to a place where he can pump up Pikachu's electricity, to make it even stronger. Ash does this then goes back for a second round against Brock.

    The battle starts off the same as the last one, though. Ash sends his Pidgeotto out again Geodude and once again, Pidgeotto is defeated. Ash once again sends out Pikachu and being even stronger, Pikachu easily defeats Geodude. Brock sends out his Onix again and the battle seems to be going his way until Pikachu's shacking electricity starts the fire alarm. Water showers down and Misty shouts to Ash to finish Onix as it is now weakened by the water.

    But the little brothers and sisters of Brock pull Ash back and beg him not to do it. Ash can't find the heart to go against the little children and he runs out of the gym.

    Later Brock finds Ash and gives him the badge saying he earned it. The strange man who helped Ash appears and his true identity is revealed. He is Brock's father.

    He knows Brock wants to go with Ash so he can do what he really wants to do - become the best Pokemon breeder. So Brock's dad decides to look after his children and give Brock a chance to see the outside world and fulfil his dream. Ash leaves Pewter city with a new friend in his gang. There are now him, Misty and Brock.

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    This is Misty. She and her three sisters are the leaders of the Cerulean City Gym. She holds the Cascade badge.

    Misty is the youngest in the four, so she is made fun of by her older sisters for being the youngest and least beautiful. Each of the girls got to choose their own water Pokemon when they were old enough, Misty chose Staryu which was the strongest out of the 4 Pokemon. Misty was soon fed up of her sisters and left home to become a Pokemon trainer. To show no ill will her sisters gave her a gift of a bike, to help her on her journey.

    She meets Ash near Viridian City where he was being chased by a angry hoard of Spearow. He borrows her bike and of course destroys it. Misty decides to travel round with Ash, until he repays her for the bike, but I'm not so sure...

    When Ash, Misty and Brock reach Cerulean City, Misty vanishes leaving Ash and Brock to find the Gym. When they reach it, they notice that the girls who are supposed to be the gym leaders, perform in front of a crowd at swimming with their Pokemon - so at first they think they are in the wrong place and start wandering round the gym (which is more like an aquarium.) They bump into the sisters, and Ash demands for a battle. The girls don't want to battle because they know they'll lose and are about to give him the badge when...

    "Wait! If you want that badge you'll have to defeat me!" It's Misty.

    Misty sends out her Staryu and Ash thinks this'll be an easy battle because he has his electric Pikachu. He's wrong though, because Pikachu refuses to battle a friend so Ash decides to send out Butterfree, (I think) and orders it to use one of its spores (Sleep I think). Staryu just jumps into the water and washes off the spore. Staryu defeats Butterfree and Ash sends out Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto defeats Staryu and Misty sends out her Starmie. Pidgeotto is about to win Starmie too, when, here comes trouble. It's Team Rocket, they've come with a super sucker which sucks up all the water in the gym and the Pokemon! It's up to Ash to save the day and the Pokemon.

    He gets rid of Team Rocket and Misty wants to continue the battle now her Starmie has got its energy back. Her sisters disagree though, they say Ash was about to win when Team Rocket appeared and he deserved the badge for saving the Pokemon. Misty hands over the badge and Ash earns his Cascade badge. Misty decides to go with Ash until he repays the bike(!)

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    This is Lt Surge. He is the leader of the City Vermilion Gym and he holds the Thunder badge.

    When Ash arrives at his gym, LT Surge makes fun of him and Pikachu and calls them a 'baby and his baby Pokemon' - this annoys Ash and he demands to know why he's making fun of Pikachu. Surge sneers and sends out his Raichu (the evolved form of Pikachu.) Surge declares they have a one-on-one Pokemon battle.

    Surge sends out his Raichu and Pikachu jumps out to battle - it definitely doesn't like that Raichu. Pikachu gives it his all, but is just not strong enough to overcome Raichu. Pikachu starts off by giving a Thundershock, Raichu hardly seems to notice.

    Surge laughs and tells Raichu to show the baby a really Thundershock. Pikachu is really weakened, but it bravely gets back up and receives a Mega Punch. This time Pikachu doesn't get up. LT Surge announces the match over and Ash rushes Pikachu to the Pokemon Centre.

    When Pikachu is recovered, Nurse Joy appears holding a box which she shows to Ash. Inside is a Thunder Stone. She tells Ash that he could evolve his Pikachu if he gives it the Thunder Stone and then he might have a chance of defeating Surge. Ash asks Pikachu is it wants to evolve and Pikachu knocks the stone away with its tail. Then Brock has an idea how Ash could win without evolving Pikachu. After training Pikachu, Ash returns to the gym.

    Ash tells his Pikachu to use the strategy they had planned and Surge mocks and calls it a new strategy to lose. Raichu lashes out with its shocking tail and sends Pikachu sprawling across the floor. Pikachu tries to get up but Raichu lashes its tail out again and knocks Pikachu back down. Surge tells Raichu to use its Body Slam and Raichu threw its body on top of Pikachu. Misty shouts Pikachu to hand in there, but Raichu lands another Body Slam. Then Brock tells Pikachu to roll out of the way. Raichu throws itself at Pikachu again but Pikachu managed to get out of the way. Ash orders Pikachu to use Agility. Pikachu runs circles around Raichu.

    Raichu keeps trying to slam down on Pikachu but it keeps missing. Brock explains that Raichu evolved too fast and never learnt the speed attacks it could only learn as a Pikachu. Raichu was starting to grow dizzy. It fell down in a daze. Ash was over the moon. He told Surge his Raichu was too slow, that was its weakness.

    Surge angrily orders his Raichu to give Pikachu a Thunderbolt. The huge electricity blasts the gym and windows shatter. Ash gets knocked off he feet. Surge thinks the match is over but then he sees Pikachu totally unharmed. It had used its tail as a conductor. Pikachu was getting angry. Surge orders Raichu to use another Thunderbolt. It focused its energy but couldn't send off the electricity.

    Ash tells Pikachu to use Quick Attack and Raichu topples to the floor. Pikachu charges at it again, then swings its electrical tail at Raichu. The electricity surges through Raichu. It shudders then lays still, knocked out. Surge congratulates Ash and gives Ash the Thunderbadge as proof of the victory. Then Surge admits Ash is no baby. Ash got his Thunderbadge!

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    This is Sabrina. She is the leader of the Saffron City gym and holds the Marsh Badge.

    Of all the gym leaders Ash battled in Kanto, Sabrina was probably the hardest. She had been a very lonely child because of her devotion to the physic ways and it was obvious. When Ash battled her she had one condition, if he lost they have to become her friends. It was a strange deal, but Ash agreed so Sabrina battled him.

    The battle begins, but Pikachu is helpless against the Sabrina's Pokémon, Abra. To make matters worse, Abra evolves in the middle of the match, turning into the more powerful, Kadabra. Because Kadabra is even stronger now, Sabrina easily defeats Ash.

    Ash, Misty and Brock are saved by a mysterious man who knows how Ash can defeat Sabrina. He says the only way is to catch a ghost-type Pokemon at Lavender Tower. Ash says he'll do it, but the man laughs and says no one has ever managed to catch a ghost-type there. Ignoring the man Ash sets out on the road to Lavender Town, followed reluctantly by Misty and Brock.

    By the time they reach the Haunted Tower the sun has already set and darkness makes the tower even more scary. There was no way Misty was going in there, so Brock stayed behind leaving Ash and Pikachu to face the tower alone. Inside Ash and Pikachu are killed by 3 ghost Pokemon, Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. The Pokemon take Ash and Pikachu's spirits to play with them and they have a great time, but when Pikachu and Ash see how worried Brock and Misty are, they return to their bodies and come back to life.

    Ash was disappointed he didn't catch a ghost type so Haunter decided to come with him back to battle Sabrina. Ash and Sabrina once again come face to face when suddenly, Haunter disappeared. Ash was completely humiliated, so he left the gym. Brock and Misty didn't get out in time and Sabrina used her powers to turn them into little dolls.

    Determined to rescue Brock and Misty, Ash returns to the Saffron City Gym ready to do what it takes to win and save his friends. He sends out Pikachu against Kadabra again and just when he was about to lose again, Haunter appeared. This made Sabrina laugh and she gave Ash the badge. Sabrina turned his friend back and they once again set off, this time to Celadon City.

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    This is Erika, the Gym Leader of the Celadon City Gym and she hold the Rainbow Badge.

    When Ash, Misty and Brock arrive at Celadon, Misty and Brock are enchanced by a shop that sells perfume. Ash goes into the shop with them but he thinks the perfume smells disgusting. The manager of the shop hears him and he gets thrown out.

    Unfortunately for Ash the manager of the shop is also the Pokemon Gym Leader Erika and when the other girls in the gym recognise him they immediately toss him out and stamp a big red 'X' on his face saying that people who don't like perfume aren't allowed.

    Ash is furious, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are allowed in but not him. Then he meets Team Rocket who had already been tossed out with red 'X stamps' on their faces. Team Rocket say they'll help him - Ash doesn't realise it's only so they can get in and steal the ingredients for the perfume! Team Rocket dress Ash up as a girl and they disguise themselves as a mother and father. They join Ash up for a talk about perfume with Erika and they hurry away.

    Ash is led to the group which Misty, Brock and Pikachu are also in and Erika tells them about the secret ingredient in her perfume which is made by her Gloom. She also tells them about when she first met Gloom - when she was a little girl and a Muk attacked her, then Gloom appeared and saved her and they had been friends ever since. Then Pikachu recognises Ash's sent and blows Ash's cover. Ash demands Erika battles him and she agrees.

    Elsewhere in the building Team Rocket find the secret ingredient and then Meowth produces a bomb. Jessie and James ask what it's for and Meowth tells them no one puts red 'X's' on his face without paying. They plant the bomb and run off.

    In his battle, Ash begins with Bulbasaur and Erika starts with Tangela. Ash orders Bulbasaur to use Vine Whip on Tangela but it spins out of the way and Bulbasaur's attack misses. Erika tells Tangela to use Stun Spore. Bulbasaur can't get out of the way, Tangela's attack hit and it is stunned. Bulbasaur is stunned and Ash is forced to switch Pokemon. Ash first thinks about sending out Primape, but after Primape's last performance he thinks better of it. He decides to send out Charmander and Erika switches to Weepinbell. Erika orders Weepinbell to use Razor Leaf, but Charmander uses Flamethrower and burns the leaves up. Erika is in trouble and Ash orders Charmander to use Skull Bash and Charmander's powerful move finished Weepinbell.

    Ash and Erika are now level at one victory to one and Erika sends out Gloom. Because Gloom is afraid, it lets of a smelly gas which is so strong it knocks Charmander out. Ash is forced to switch Pokemon and wonders which to send out.

    Suddenly Team Rocket appear and set off the bomb. The force of the blow blasts Team Rocket out of the Gym, leaving the Gym blazing in fire. Everyone runs out of the building but Erika's Gloom who is terrified of the fire is trapped.

    Outside Erika realises her Gloom is missing and she starts panicking. Ash rushes back into the burning building and against all odds, saves Gloom. Erika sees Ash's bravery and awards him the rainbow badge in recognition of his bravery.

    Ash leaves Celedon via the bridge in search of the Fusha City Gym.

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    This is Koga. Koga is the Gym Leader of the Fusha Gym and he holds the Soul badge.

    Ash stumbles across the Fusha Gym by accident when he, Misty and Brock are completely lost trying to get there. At first they don't know it's the gym because it's in the middle of nowhere so they decide to go in and ask someone for directions.

    Inside the gym they find it is full of booby traps and tricks. They see a Venomoth who they try to follow who keeps leading them to more traps. Ash nearly tumbles out of the gym into a raging river, luckily for him Misty and Brock are there.

    Eventually they meet Aya who owns the Venonat. Ash battles her and defeats her and after the battle Koga appears.


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    Blaine is the leader of the Cinnabar Island Gym. He holds the Volcano badge.


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    Giovanni is the leader of Veridian City gym. He has the Earth Badge. Giovanni is also the boss of Team Rocket, and probably the hardest of all gym leaders. Even Gary can't beat the awesome power of MewTwo.

    Luckily, Ash never has to battle him, as he is mysteriously called away (troubles with MewTwo) and leaves Team Rocket in charge. Even with a cheat method of inflicting the same injury on Ash as his Pokemon, and using some hard monsters Giovanni left, Team Rocket can't defeat Ash and he earns the final badge in the Kanto region.

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    The Orange Crew

    Sissy is the Gym Leader of Mikan Island. She has the Coraleye badge.

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    This is Danny, the Leader of Navel Island. He has the Searuby badge.

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    Rudy is the Gym Leader of Trovita Island. He holds the Spikeshell badge.

    This battle is one of the biggest hints towards Ash and Misty's love. As they arrive at Trovita Island, the trio discover a little girl, in danger. She turns out to be Rudy's sister, and immediately attaches herself to Misty, as her new big sister.

    When they meet Rudy, he decides, to please his sister, that he'll marry Misty, and then she'll really be her sister. Alarmed, Ash steps in and declares that if he wants Misty, he'll have to go through Ash. All very flattering for Misty!

    The battle kicks off the next day, after Rudy shows them his Pokemon Gym, in which the Pokemon dance to unlock new abilities. Rudy declares he's battling for Misty.

    The battle is a three on three, type vr type, and after the first two rounds, Ash and Rudy are level, each with one victory. The final water battle, Ash sends out Squirtle and Rudy sends out Starmie. Things don't go well though, as Starmie can use Thunderbolt!

    Ash is powerless, so Misty screams to him, "Don't just stand there doing nothing!" "M-misty?" he stammers, as she cheers him on. Rudy is just as shocked for having rejected his love for Ash.

    Squirtle learns a new move, Hydropump, and defeats Starmie. Ash leaves with the Spikebadge and a pretty clear indication of Misty's feelings.

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    Luana is the Gym Leader of Rumquat Island and she has the Jadestar badge.

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    Johto Gym Leaders

    This is Falkner, leader of the Violet City Gym and first Gym Leader of the Johto region. He had the Zephir badge.


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    Bugsy is the Leader of Azalea Town. She has the Hive Badge (and funnily enough has bug Pokemon...)

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    This is Whitney, Gym Leader of Goldenrod City. She has the Plain Badge. As that might suggest, her Pokemon are normal type, and her Miltank gives Ash quite a hard time with its Rollout attack. Eventually he works out a way to defeat it, using Totadile to create trenches, which stop the Rollout attack.

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    This is Morty, leader of Ecruteak City. He has the Fog Badge.

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    This is Jasmine, leader of the Olivine gym and owner of the Mineral Badge.
    After battling Morty, Ash immediately sets out to battle Jasmine in Olivine. Why then is Chuck before Jasmine? The answer is: when Ash reaches Olivine City he begins battling with who he thinks is Jasmine. He sends out Totodile and Jasmine starts with Onix. Ash uses Watergun, but the Onix manages to deflect it. Suddenly a voice rings out to stop the battle and the real Jasmine appears.

    The girl who Ash thought was Jasmine, was actually Janena, and Jasmine takes her out to have a talk to. Jasmine has to spend some time away from the gym because her 'little sparkle' is ill so she will be unable to battle Ash.

    Ash finds Janena later, cleaning wax off her Onix (how Onix managed to deflect the water attack) and Janena tells Ash that Jasmine is in the Shinning Lighthouse. Ash sets off immidiately to the Lighthouse and finds Jasmine, her Grandfather and a very ill Amperos. Ash asks when he'll be able to battle, but Jasmine tells him she won't be able to leave the Lighthouse until Amperos is better. Her Grandfather had ordered medicine from Cianwood City, which was ready to be picked up, but there was no one to pick it up.

    Ash instantly offers to help so after a little trouble with Team Rocket, he, Misty and Brock set out to Cianwood City to get the medicine, but to also take on the Gym Leader there, which is why Ash ends up battling Chuck first, but that's a different story.

    After discovering a mother and child Lugia in the Whirl Islands (Ash heads there after battling Chuck as Jasmine's Amperos is still ill) and helping to save the pair of legendary Pokemon from the clutches of Team Rocket (Butch and Casserdy) Ash checks back on Olivine and Janena tells him that Amperos is better and Jasmine is all ready to battle. He sets off back to Olivine immediately in an aero plane piloted by an old man and his Noctowl (as Ash and co. manage to miss the ferry) and the next day the battle is scheduled.

    Morning comes and Janena heads out to the Pokemon Center where Misty and Brock are getting prepared for the battle, but there's no sign of Ash. Misty and Brock tell Janena that Ash is getting in a bit of training, so they set out to find him.

    They find Ash on the coastline, who was running alone with all his Pokemon, and once they meet up they continue walking alone the coastline until they find a large Wobuffet statue with a plaque saying to place your prized Pokemon here for something mysterious to happen. (Hmm... I smell a Team Rocket trap here.) Ash places Pikachu atop to statue, and the eyes glow red. Suddenly a spring shoots Pikachu into the mouth where Team Rocket catch it and speed away. Ash tells Bayleef to use Razor Leaf on the statue, but it has no effect.

    Luckily for Ash, a Steelix suddenly falls from the cliff biting onto the statue and Jasmine jumps down after. The statue falls to the ground and is about to explode, but Bayleef uses Razor Leaf to rescue Pikachu, before the statue goes sky high, blasting Team Rocket away. Now the danger is over they head back to the gym for the long awaited Pokemon Battle.

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    Chuck is the Gym Leader of Cianwood City and he has the Storm Badge.

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    Pryce is the Gym Leader of Mahogony City and he has the Glacier Badge.

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    Clair is the final Leader of the Johto reagion, the Leader of Blackthorn City. She has the Rising Badge. Dragons are her speciality, like her relation of Lance.

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    Hoenn Gym Leaders

    This is Roxanne. She is the Gym Leader of Rustboro City, the first of the Hoenn Gym Leaders and defeating her will gain you the Stone Badge. Roxanne is also the main teacher of the Pokemon School found in the city, herself being the most accomplished of all it's graduates.

    Ash, May, Max and Brock came across her when they found a Poliwag that turned out to belong to the Pokemon School. They soon discover that Roxanne is the Gym Leader, but she requests they wait until the next day before Ash and May challenge her. That day they visit the Pokemon School and Ash and Pikachu get a little training in, trying to perfect Pikachu's Iron Tail while May worries about the battle the next day.

    Finally the next day, Ash sets out to the Rustboro Gym, accompanied by his friends, but May tells them that she has decided she doesn't want to be a trainer, but to dedicate her training to entering Pokemon Contests. Ash challenges Roxanne and the battle begins. In the battle each trainer is allowed to use two Pokemon and as Roxanne sends out Geodude, Ash sends out Treeko. Ash should have the advantage as his Treeko is grass-type, but it doesn't actually know any grass moves.

    Ash begins the battle using a Quick Attack, but Geodude easily stops the attack. Roxanne says Ash should have known better than a head on attack, what with Geodude's great defence. She commands Geodude to use Mega Punch, and Treeko is knocked skywards. As Treeko falls, Ash orders it to use Pound, and this time, the speed of the attack effects Geodude - but not much.

    Roxanne uses Mega Punch again, and this time Treeko is knocked to the ground. Treeko tries to get up, but fails, meaning Roxanne has won the first round. Ash calls back Treeko and sends out Pikachu.

    Roxanne thinks Ash is crazy, using an Electric Type against Geodude, but Ash knows what he's doing. He orders Pikachu to use Thunder, that although it doesn't affect Geodude, it clears the gym floor of all rocks. Geodude uses Rock Throw, but Pikachu avoids using Quick Attack.

    Pikachu is left straight in front of Geodude after the Quick Attack and Roxanne orders Geodude to use Mega Punch. Pikachu is knocked away and Geodude uses Roll Attack. However, because of Pikachu's Thunder, the ground is unstable, and Geodude gets stuck, digging a hole instead of rolling along!

    Pikachu uses Quick Attack followed by a mighty Thunder and this time the electric attack effects and Geodude is knocked out. The match is tied at 1-1.

    Roxanne is impressed, next choosing Nosepass. Ash checks his Pokedex to discover it's another Rock type, that had an electric compass in it's nose. Pikachu is tired, but it battles on, using Iron Tail. The attack works, sending Nosepass skidding over the ground. Ash tries to use a second Iron Tail, but it fails.

    Roxanne orders Nosepass to use Rock Tomb, and Pikachu is trapped painfully in a tomb of rocks. Brock advises Ash to get Pikachu out of there quickly and And tells Pikachu to use Thunder again. The electric blasts away the rock prison, freeing Pikachu. However Pikachu is getting even more tired.

    Nosepass uses Sandstorm and no one can se anything, besides Nosepass using it's Electromagnet. It attacks Pikachu and as the sand clears, Pikachu manages to avoid a second attack. Roxanne commands Nosepass to use Rock Tomb again, but Pikachu's Quick Attack stops the move from hitting. Ash tells Pikachu to spin round Nosepass, trying to tire it out, before using Iron Tail. Unfortunately Iron Tail fails again.

    Roxanne orders Nosepass to use Thunder Wave - Thunder Wave! A rock Pokemon using an electric move! At that moment, Team Rocket, up to their usual tricks, finally completed a tunnel into the gym. James's shovel pokes it's head through the rocky floor and the bolt of electricity from Nosepass is conducted towards the shovel into the tunnel. Team Rocket are blasted back through their tunnel and away into the sky.

    Thanks to Team Rocket, Pikachu isn't hurt badly. Pikachu runs forwards and Roxanne expecting an Iron Tail, orders Nosepass to use Zap Cannon, amazed Pikachu is still alive. Ash orders Pikachu to absorb the shock, which amazingly it does, and striking Nosepass, all the electricity passes from Pikachu to Nosepass.

    Roxanne tries to get Nosepass to attack, but it can't move - it's paralyzed! Ash commands Pikachu to use Iron Tail and because Pikachu has had chance to store its energy, the attack works. Nosepass is knocked back and knocked out. Ash wins the battle and gets his first badge in the Hoenn region, the Stone Badge!

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