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The Millenium Items

All duelists with a past life have a Millenium Item, which is infused with the essence of that past life. In this section, you can find out more about each Item, who has it, and just what spirit comes with it...

The Millenium Puzzle Belonging to Yugi, this is the most well known of the pieces. He was given the Puzzle by his Grandfather, and only he was able to unlock it to reveal the power (ie. Yami Yugi) within.

Unlike many of the other spirits who control their hosts, Yugi and Yami Yugi coexist in harmony. Whenever Yugi duels, through the magic of the Puzzle, he will "transform" into Yami Yugi. Yugi eventually discovers in the maze of Yami's mind, that Yami was once the Pharoah of Egypt.
The Puzzle has the ability to crush a defeated opponent's mind, or restore trapped souls to their rightful places.
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The Millenium Necklace

Bakura had the Millenium Necklace. His spirit is evil, known as 'The Prince of theves Baruka-sama' though only by himself. To others, he was a common tomb raider.

The Millenium Necklace is more sinister than just containing the tomb raider's spirit. It also has the ability to enfuse people's souls in inanimate ojects, after being defeated in a duel.
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The Millenium Eye

Maximillion Pegasus has the Millenium Eye. Unlike the other items, which are usually trinkets of some kind, he had the Eye in replacement for an eye.

The Eye does not contain a known spirit. It has the ability of Soul Removal, like the Necklace and can also be used to read the mind's of an opponent. This is how, in Duel Kingdom, Pegasus becomes unbeatable.

After being defeated by Yugi, and powerless to resist him, the Eye is stolen from Pegasus by Bakura.

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