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Character Profiles


The main character on Pokemon is a trainer named Ash Ketchum. Ever since he was a little boy, he dreamed about becoming the world's greatest Pokemon Master. When he turns ten, he's finally old enough to be a Pokemon Trainer and go out and catch and raise Pokemon.

Ash lives just down the road from the Pokemon Lab owned by the famous Professor Oak. On his tenth birthday, Ash gets his very first Pokemon off Oak. He stays up late the night before and watches Professor Oak on the TV talking about the 3 different starter Pokemon, one of them he will receive.


He falls to sleep thinking of which he would choose: Bulbasaur, the grass type perfect for beginners... Squirtle, the water type which looked cute, but Ash new it could be really strong... Or what about Charmander, the fire type, just think what he could do with that kind of power. Bulbasaur... Squirtle... Charmander. How will he ever choose?

A rooster's crow wakes Ash the next morning. In his dreams he threw his alarm clock which is just like a Pokeball and broke it. Now he's late to see Professor Oak. He rushes down to the lab, praying that Oak has a Pokemon left for him and he bumps into Gary, Oak's nephew.

Gary already has a Pokemon, the bully has a head start on him! Gary makea fun of Ash for being late, so Ash runs up the lab steps and in the professor. He's led to a small table with 3 Pokeballs on - but they were all empty! Ash is so disappointed. Then Oak pressed a button and another Pokeball appeared. There's a problem with this Pokemon, though, but Ash doesn't care. Oak handed him the Pokeball there was a great shock of electric energy and a yellow Pokemon appears out of the ball.

"It's name is Pikachu," says Oak.

Ash reaches out to pick Pikachu up, and the Pokemon gives him a shock of energy.

"Pikachu is a lightning mouse. It is usually shy, but can sometimes have a shocking personality."

Ash is given 6 empty Pokeballs and a Pokedex and now he has a Pokemon he's ready to go and set out on his journey.

Ash makes two good friends at the beginning of his journey, Misty and Brock. They decide to go with him on his journey. Brock goes with him to become the world's greatest Pokemon breeder and Misty goes until Ash pays her back for the bike he wrecked (not!) A gang called Team Rocket also follow him around trying to steal his Pikachu and generally cause havoc. Ash's rival Gary, is always ahead of Ash, but I think Ash is the best trainer! (^-^)

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This is Misty, she and her three sisters are the gym leaders of the Cerulean City gym. She is also a good friend to Ash and stays by his side until he repays her the for bike that Ash destroyed in a thunderstorm running away from Spearow, near Viridian City.

Throughout the TV series, there are hints that Misty has a crush on Ash. She has never left him and gone on her own journey and often throws Ash hints about her true feelings for him. (Ash never picks them up though!)

One of the biggest hints Misty gave Ash was in the Johto series on their way to Olivine City. Brock saves a girl from falling and then she wants to get married to him! Misty says during the episode 'and one day we will be married too,' Ash replies 'Um... WHAT!' Misty may have a crush on Ash but I don't think Ash feels the same way!

Although Misty acts tough of the outside she has a heart of gold. She even helps Team Rocket when Jessie is sick from Stun Spore and needs some of the underwater weed to cure her, Misty needed the weed to cure Ash and Brock but she is kind enough to leave some of the weed for James to take to Jessie. She is friendly and always sticks by her friends through thick and thin. She saves most girls from Brock and his instant love (ha, ha!) She loves water type Pokemon and her favourite Pokemon is Tentecruel which she dreams of capturing. Misty is nice even if she is a bit bossy.

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Brock is the gym leader of the Pewter City Gym but is also a very good friend to Ash. Before meeting Ash, he was the carer of his ten little brothers and sisters. After a rematch against Brock in which Ash earned the badge, Brock's father reveals himself and lets Brock go along with Ash promising to take care of his children.

Brock is the oldest and most sensible of the gang but that's only when there are no girls about! He acts crazy when he sees a pretty girl and says the maddest of things - which often leaves the girls speechless. It is usually Misty who saves them by dragging Brock away - usually by the ear.

On the other hand, if a girl likes him, he freezes up! Brock finally gets chance to be with a girl, Professor Ivy. He decides to stay at her lab and help her out while Ash goes questing in the Orange League. Ash gets a new friend to go with him though, a boy named Tracey.

Being oldest in the gang, Brock tends to look after the others. He cooks and cleans and generally looks out for his friends. Misty and Ash realise just how much Brock does for them in the episode in the Johto series when Brock isn't well. His favourite type of Pokemon are rock type, but he does have a Vulpix and Zubat (which evolves into Golbat and then Crobat.) Brock loves Pokemon and hopes that someday he will become the greatest Pokemon breeder. Altogether, Brock is a great guy.

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Team Rocket

Here comes trouble! It's Team Rocket! Jessie, James and Meowth, the most annoying gang of losers of all. Team Rocket's greatest desire is to steal valuable and amazing Pokemon to take back to their boss, Giovanni.

But there is one Pokemon in particular that they want to steal, and that happens to be non other than Ash's Pikachu. For this reason, Team Rocket always follow Ash around every where and generally cause chaos. They have managed to get Pikachu loads of times but Ash always manages to get it back. Then Ash uses Pikachu's Thunderbolt to send them blasting off.

Team Rocket's motto is:

Jessie: Prepare for trouble
James:And make it double
Jessie: To protect the world from devastation
James: To unite all people within out nation
Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love
James: To extend our reach to the stars above
Jessie: Jessie!
James: James!
Jessie: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light
James: Surrender now or prepare to fight
Meowth: Meowth, that's right!
Wobufett: Wobufett!

Jessie was always a very lonely child, she didn't have any real friends. She hates Santa because once she saw his Jynx take her favourite toy and never return it. What Jessie didn't realise was that the Jynx took it because it was broken and after Santa had fixed it, he couldn't return it because Jessie had stopped believing in him.

James, on the other hand was brought up into a very rich family. He hated it, though, because his parents wanted him to get married to a girl named Jessebel. Jessebel was pretty enough but James hated her because she wanted to change him and make him polite. James hated this and wished she would just let him be. He only had one friend, his pet Pokemon Growlithe, Growlithe always protected him from Jessebel. When James met Jessie it was the best time he'd ever had, because Jessie liked him for who he was.

Meowth was a Pokemon who went around with a gang of Meowth. They stole food and made chaos, then one day Meowth fell in love with a female trainers Meowth called Meowzee. Meowth tried to make Meowzee like him, but she said she liked humans not Pokemon. Meowth tried to act like a human, at first he learnt how to stand on two feet and walk on two feet, then he learnt the difficult human speech.

Team Rocket are blunderers and if ever something happens, it's usually them who are behind it, but Ash, Misty and Brock can always sort them out.

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Tracey is one of Ash's friends and goes around with him and Misty in the Orange Island journeys when Brock decides to stay with Professor Ivy. He is older then Misty and Ash and takes on Brock's role quite well.

Tracey is quite an artist. His main reason to go around with Ash and Misty in the Orange Islands is so he can get some great drawings of rare Pokemon. He idolises Professor Oak and is thrilled when he gets a chance to talk to Oak and show him some of his sketches.

He draws a part of a mysterious new Pokemon which no one knows it is at that time (Elekid) and that was one of his most famous Pokemon sketches. But Tracey didn't only sketch Pokemon. When Ash battled against the first of the Orange Crew Sissy, Tracey sketched her riding on top of her Blastoise!

Tracey is a great friend to Ash and Misty. He is kind to all Pokemon ad tries to help out when ever possible. The only reason he didn't stay with them was because Brock came back and he had the chance to work with Professor Oak.

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Gary Oak is Ash's greatest rival. He has always been mean and nasty to Ash and always gets better things than Ash. Gary set off on his quest at the same time as Ash, choosing Bulbasaur off of Prof. Oak - who happens to be his Grandfather. Because of Oak's experience with Pokemon, Gary naturally got the best starter (besides Pikachu!) Bulbasaur. But from somewhere he got an Eevee which became his strongest Pokemon.

In Kanto, Gary collected more badges than Ash from various different gyms and caught a lot more Pokemon but when in the Kanto League he didn't get as far as Ash (proving Ash is a better trainer!)

He isn't seen in the Orange Islands and doesn't reappear until 'Rival Revival' when his Eevee defeats Pikachu (lucky fluke.) and then he already gets a head start on Ash in the Johto region. (*:*)

He might have got a head start but he needs it because Ash is a much better trainer(!) and although Gary does care for his Pokemon, Ash loves his more.

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May is a girl Ash meets at the beginning of his Hoenn adventures. Misty has left him (noo...) as her bike has finally been repaired, to follow her own adventures. Ash meets up with Brock again eventually, but when he meets May, he's alone (besides Pikachu).

An encounter with Team Rocket leads to Pikachu breaking May's bike (How many times do they want to use that?) and May angry, asks Ash if she can come along with him. Ash reluctancly said yes.

May pretty clearly has a crush on Ash, but he isn't that interested. She starts out her Pokemon adventure with Torchic, but doesn't really like Pokemon battling. After she sees a Pokemon Contest, she decides she doesn't want to be a Trainer, but to raise Pokemon to enter contests.

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Other Characters

Nurse Joy

This is Nurse Joy, a nurse found at Pokemon Centres. There are many Joy's all over the Pokemon world who all look identical, this is because they are sisters.
Nurse Joy is friendly and always ready to help ant trainer that stops at the Pokemon Centre, by giving them a place to stay for the night, food to eat and by healing their Pokemon. She often gives Ash helpful tips when he's been defeated by the gym leader of that city and once offered him a Thunder Stone to evolve Pikachu.

The Pokemon that is often found with Nurse Joy is Chansey or Blissey (The evolved form of Chancey.)


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