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What is Yu-Gi-Oh?

On the outside, Yu-Gi-Oh looks like a remake of the Pokemon Trading Card Game for Gameboy Colour. Ever played it? Well it's good to start off with but get's boring quickly. But there is a lot more to Yu-Gi-Oh than strolling around and battling a load of duelists to prove yourself.

The story is based around a kid called Yugi Moto (not sure how you spell it) who was taught by his Grandfather how to duel. Yugi was taught that the most important bit is the heart of the cards, and also his Grandfather gave him his deck.

Yugi also inherited off of his Grandfather something called the 'Millenium Puzzle' an, Egypt-looking puzzle with a strange eye on it. When he got it, it was all broken, but Yugi fixed it, and because of it, something strange happens to him, whenever he duels.

What happens to him? He sort of transforms. His personality is split into two parts, happy kid Yugi, and tough grown-up Yu-Gi-Oh. With his Grandfather's deck, and the Millenium Puzzle, Yugi soon becomes an expert duelist.

Expert duelists don't stay unheard of for long, and soon Yugi finds himself face-to-face with the legendary Seto Kaiba and his Blue-eyes White Dragons. Yu-Gi-Oh defeats Kaiba in an awesome battle using the legendary Exoida, and realises that he isn't really battling Kaiba, but that the evil side of him has taken over. Using his power Yu-Gi-Oh sends the evil side of Kaiba into the Shadow World, freeing the real Kaiba.

Soon after Yugi finds himself in another dangerous battle, against an evil mastermind Pegasus. Pegasus has a power that allows him to know exactly the other players next move, strategies and cards. Even the might of Exodia issn't enough to win Yu-Gi-Oh the match and for the first time ever Yu-Gi-Oh is defeated.

Pegasus reviels that he has a Millenium Piece, not unlike Yugi's Puzzle, but this is an eye, in place of his left eye that is always covered by his long silver hair. Pegasus tells Yugi he can't wait for their next battle, but Yugi tells him he won't battle again as Pegasus doesn't play fair. Pegasus has more than one way of making you duel, though, and he steals Yugi's Grandfather's soul, sealing it away in the Shadow World, telling Yugi that the only way he can save his Grandfather is the next time they meet, duel again.

Yugi is devestated, his Grandfather meant everything to him, so he promises that he will free his Grandfather, next time he battles Pegasus he will win.

Soon after, he recieves an invite to a competition held on an island hosted by Pegasus, and Yugi can do nothing more that accept, for is you gain 10 star chips by defeating enemies in duels, you get to reach Pegasus's castle and do battle with him ...

After many long gruelling battles, Yugi finally collected the ten star chips that he needed along with his friend Joey who entered the competition to try to save his sister from a disease that will soon make her become blind. Yugi and Joey head for Pegasus's castle, but they are stopped by none other than Kaiba, who demands Yugi for a rematch; Yugi at first disagrees, as he doesn't need to, having 10 star chips, but then he transforms and agrees.

The battle starts and Kaiba is playing totally differently to how he does usually, much more agressivly, rather than toying with his apponent. Yu-gi-oh doesn't understand why, but he never expects Kaiba's intentions - to get all three Blue-eyes White Dragons and fuse them together to create a Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Even with a glimpse of Kaiba's hand, Yu-gi-oh still doesn't understand, until with 900 live points left, Kaiba finally creates his monsters. Yu-gi-oh is forced to play in defence, as he only has 400 points left and a virus in his deck that would destroy any card he played with over 1500 attack power.

However, Kaiba soon destroys this strategy with a card that destroys defence leaving Yu-gi-oh the only option to play in attack with cards with power less than 1500 attack, meaning whatever card he plays he will be destroyed... unless...

He has to believe in the heart of the cards, for his Grandfather. He draws his card and playes it, a furry creature with the lowest attack and defence of all the cards. Kaiba thinks he's joking, has gone mad, but then Yu-gi-oh plays a card that keeps on multiplying his card - clever.

Kaiba orders his Blue-eyes to attack, but as it only destroys a few of the furry creatures, Yu-gi-oh's life points don't go down, and the furballs keep multiplying. Yu-gi-oh next plays a dead monster card with the polymerisation card and arrow card that means he can fuse his monster together with any of his opponents cards. Yu-gi-oh chooses to fuse the dead monster with the living Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon, which won't work properly and slowly begins draining the Blue-eyes Attack points by 1200 each turn.

Kaiba doesn't know what to do, he attacks the furballs again but to the same result as before, his attack decreasing again. Yu-gi-oh draws a card and ends his turn. Seto is in real trouble. Once again he attacks the furballs, the Blue-eyes attack points now low enough for Yu-gi-oh to destroy.

Yu-gi-oh plays the Celtic Guardian in attack mode and chops off one of the Blue-eyes three heads, but it doesn't defeat the monster, mearly takes 500 points off Kaiba's precious points so he's level with Yu-Gi-Oh at 400.

Now Kaiba has an idea, he plays the card monster reborn, and the head of the Blue-eyes comes back, now stong enough to kill Yugi's Celtic Warrior on the next turn. Kaiba moves back onto the edge of the castle wall, where they are battling and threatens Yu-Gi-Oh. Although it is his turn and Yu-gi-oh could defeat him, the shock of the blast defeating one of the Blue-eyes head could knock Kaiba from the ledge, to plummit to his death.

For the first time ever, Yugi and Yu-gi-oh fight. Yugi doesn't want to risk Kaiba's life, but Yu-gi-oh says he must. Yugi tries to stop Yu-gi-oh, but he's out of control and orders Celtic Guardian to attack. As Celtic Guardian runs forward to attack, Tea, one of Yugi's friends, runs forward, telling him to stop. Yugi realises she's right and takes command himself, transforming himself back and telling Celtic Guardian to stop.

Yugi's turn is over and Kaiba orders the Blue-eyes to attack Celtic Guardian, destroying the remainder of Yugi's life points. Yugi is defeated, and collaspses to the ground, his eyes full of tears.

Tea shouts at Kaiba for being so evil, and doing everything possible to win. She says Yugi is a man, Kaiba will never be because Yugi has a heart. All four of Yugi's friends run to him, who is now sobbing, and he says he's scared that his other self can't be controlled, was willing to kill to win, so he must never duel again.

In Pegusus's words, Yugi has been defeated, his spirit crushed. How will he ever recover? For the rest of the story so far check out the Story hyperlink (when I make it!)

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