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    Yu-Gi-Oh Character Profiles
    Yugi Moto is a kind, and friendly boy who is rather shy and short. The story of Yu-gi-oh is based around Yugi and his friends, and begins with him solving the Millenium Puzzle, an ancient egyptian puzzle, that gave Yugi a spirit called Yami
    Yugi, that Yugi will transform into whenever he duels with cards that his Grandfather had given him. Yu-gi-oh is an expert duelist, and all too soon Yugi finds himself in a huge battle against evil using his cards, to save his Grandfather's soul.
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    Joey Wheeler is one of Yugi's best friends. He is a good friend and will always cheer for Yugi whenever he watches his duels, though he can get a little bit too enthusiastic. He cares a lot about his sister Sincerity, who he was separated from when he was little, and needs to win in Pegasus's tournament to win the money for an operation to save Sincerity's eye sight.
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    Tea Gardner is one of Yugi's best friends. She values friendship more than anything else, which is why many of her cards are like 'Shining Friendship'. Tea is not a great dualist, her cards are not at all strong, but when Yugi is defeated by Kaiba - Yu-gi-oh willing to go through will killing Kaiba in order to win - and Yugi is a wreck, she offers to battle Mai in order to help her friend. (She wins too, though
    Mai lets her). Tea is the first to realise there is more to Yugi i.e. Yu-gi-oh that even he thinks.
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    Tristan Taylor is one of Yugi's best friends, who he met at school. Although he does have cards, he like Tea is not the best duelist, and he don't usually enter the tornaments. Sensible and friendly, he will always be there whenever Yugi or Joey are dueling, always cheering them on and is a valuable assent to their team.
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    Bakura, like Yugi, has a spirit, due to the Millenium necklace he has. Bakura's spirit is evil though, unlike Yami Yugi.
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