News Archive - Since the homepage was rather cluttered, old news will be moved to here...

19th June - Statistics is just about finished and thanks to Christie for finding a mistake on it. It's now right (I hope!).

2nd June - Put up some resources (powerpoints) for German. Hope they're useful!

31st May - I'm now in the process of making the Maths page. Finally!

25th May - Religious Studies, Moral Issues, is just about finished now! Just in time too. Good luck with your exam tomorrow, all.

23rd May - I've had a change of heart. In order to get at least a few subjects complete, I'm only doing the primary ones: English, Maths, Science, plus History and RS. However, you will still be able to access the old ones.

14th May - Year 10 Physics page is finally finished. Go there to revise or Take a Quiz!

7th May 2006 - Updates to the template are finally finished!

26th April 2006 - We're slowly becoming interactive! Take the Netwoking Quiz now!

22nd April 2006 - As promised, I'm undergoing some template changes. Please be patient, though if you spot any strange links, send me an email.

19th April 2006 - Until I modify all the templates, (probably this weekend) here's a link to the ICT page. Happy revising!

17th April 2006 - RS has now been updated. A nice pink, yey. Expect lots of info in the next few days!

14th April 2006 - Yey, we finally have a decent URL! Now everything's almost ready for useful info to be added...

13th April 2006 - History now looks nice with its red colour scheme. Small updates around the site...

12th April 2006 - Bored of seeing purple? Check out the new colour-schemes for English, Maths, and Science! Tell us what you think on the forums!

11th April 2006 - We're online! Make sure you tell your friends about us!

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