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Hello and welcome to Revision-GCSE. This site, when finished, will include a tonne of useful stuff that'll help you with your GCSE revision. We're targeted mainly at Higher pupils, although Foundation students are equally welcome. (If you don't know which you are, ask your teachers!) The site is also targeted at AQA exams, unless otherwise stated.

Why Revision-GCSE? There're plenty of revision sites about, but what makes us unique? Well, we're a site written for kids by kids. Everything I need for my real exams is here, and I'll clearly state just which exams I'm taking. So, no confusion! I'll admit I'm not perfect, so if you see a mistake on the site, big or small, just sent me an email!

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Latest News:

26th June 2014 - More content! Check out the new analysis of Simon Armitage's My Father Thought It... Enjoy!

29th May 2013 - We're in the middle of exam season! No major updates to report...just been getting rid of dated information that no longer applies. If you're unsure what to expect from your exams (e.g. how long they are), the best person to ask is your teacher...or look on your exam board!

7th May 2013 - Welcome to the New Year. We're speeding toward exam season now, and I've just added bit more content: analysis of Simon Armitage's Mother, any distance... Good luck for the exams!

26th December 2012 - Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We have a little more content on the Writing Tips page, info on how to write an essay... And look at the shiny new 'Like' button. Please click to show your friends where you revise!

22nd June 2012 - Even more new content! I've added two new poems: Education for Leisure and Stealing by Carol Anne Duffy. Enjoy!

17th June 2012 - Updated the English Non-Fiction page, with everything you'll ever need to know about PEE. Hehe.

11th June 2012 - Thanks to the brilliant Victoria, we now have a bit more information on the Cold War. Better get wrapped up in all that knowledge...

10th June 2012 - There is NEW CONTENT!!! How exciting! First update of content in...well, I don't know how many years. It's all thanks to an amazing revision machine called Victoria. Check out The Road to War page! There's also a brand new page, Hitler's Foreign Policy, all thanks to Victoria. Remember, you can contribute too... all you need to do is send your information here.

I've just discovered also a couple of special easter egg pages. Check out the ICT revision page, and the German revision pages...they're not available by the regular links...

12th April 2012 - Well done for making it to the new URL: It's been a long time since I made this site but most of the information is still really helpful for passing those GCSEs!

7th July 2006 - Started a poetry page for Havisham. I will get the site finished someday!

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