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Religion, Media and Entertainment (for those of you who haven't done any coursework).

*All topics covered here are examined on Tuesday 20th June. Better get revising!*

The only difference between this paper and the others is there are 2 Describe questions, 2 Explain questions, and 1 Evaluate worth ten marks.


Media's just the ways we communicate. For example, TV, the Internet, books, radios, cinema, telephones... You get the picture.

Christianity has naturally evolved into the modern age (in some respects) so they no longer have to spread the faith by knocking on people's doors like Jehova's Witnesses. We see in Matt 28 "Go then and make disciples of all nations" how important spreading the faith is.

Use of the media is a lot easier way of communicating with the world. However, as with most things, Christians do fear some aspects of the media (entertainment too).

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