The Bolsheviks
Five-Year Plans



Russia's kind of cool. 'Course, all that stuff about Anastasia was a load of old nonsense (they recovered all the bodies) but it's pretty interesting stuff...

Key Dates Dates are great; they let you see events in perspective...

1905 22ndJanuary Revolution and Bloody Sunday are crushed.


Russia enters the First World War.
1917  12th March  Army refuses to fire on demonstrators 
  15th March  Tsar abdicates and Provisional Government takes over. 
  16th April  Lenin returns from exhilation. 
    April Theses are published. 
  16th/17th July  July Days - revolts. 
  September  Kornilov tries to seize control. 
  7th/8th November  Storming of the Winter Palace. Bolsheviks take control. 
1918  3rd March  Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.
    Red Terror begins. 
    Civil War begins. 
    War Communism introduced. 
  July  Tsar's assassination. 
1921  March  Kronstadt revolt. 
    NEP introduced. 
1924  21st January  Lenin dies. 
1925  16th January  Trotsky dismissed as War Commissar. 
1927  November  Zinoview and Kaminev expelled from Communists. Trotsky expelled.
1928    First Five Year Plan.
1929  January Trotsky exiled.
  April  Bukharin expelled.
    Collectivisation introduced.  
1933   Second Five Year Plan.
1934     Purges began. 
1940  20th August  Trotsky assassinated. 
1941   June   Germany invade Russia.  

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The Downfall of the Tsar What it inevitable?

Tsar Nicolas II ruled Russia where we pick up the story. He became Tsar in 1894 at the age of 26. However, he was a weak leader. He ruled by autocracy (government by only one man) and believed his powers were given by God. Therefore, he didn't allow any criticism, one of his weaknesses.




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